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The Fashion Files: Cold Weather Cute (3 Ways to Wow in the Wintertime)

Just because the weather outside is ugly, doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be cute!

Funny story… I was in the coffee shop getting my everything bagel and iced mocha when I hear a woman say, “Cute boots!” I respond with, “Thanks, they’re UGGs!” Before I could even get the last part of my response out, she’s crouched down, feeling my calf asking if they’re suede.We chatted for a bit about different UGG styles and both agree that having a snow boot that’s functional AND stylish is a great thing.

I know that it can be hard to get dressed in the wintertime; skies are gray… it’s cold… every piece of cold weather wear seems to be in dark colors… But, fear not! I’m going to arm you with 3 great tips to slash through your winter woes and get you looking cold weather cute!

Get Some Cute Boots (That Are Also Functional)

When it snows in New York, things can get serious! I’ve seen too many people walking around in cute, casual boots that are destined to get ruined because of 10-foot deep mystery puddles. I mentioned earlier that the boots I was wearing during my breakfast run were UGGs and I also need to say this:

Ladies… the classic UGG boot is NOT meant for snowy and wet weather. Please invest in some real snow boots.

Luckily, snow boots have come a long way. There are so many different prints, patterns and styles to choose from— some of them are even metallic! Who doesn’t love adding some shine to their outfits?



Brighten Up Your Outerwear

I remember telling some friends that live in warmer climates that if you want to look stylish in the winter time up north, you need an AMAZING coat. When it’s cold in New York City, your coat is your outfit. Want to make a statement? Avoid the typical black wool coat and go for brighter colors such as red, yellow or teal. If bright colors aren’t your thing, you can switch it up with colors such as deep purple, camel or olive green, which are also a bit out of the ordinary for winter gear. Still not feeling it? Go for subtle but classic patterns such as plaid and houndstooth.


Sidenote: Looking cute is nice… but being warm is even nicer! Be sure to choose coats that are made of wool or contain down feathers. If the temps dip way low, make sure to layer up!

Mix Prints & Textures

If the thought of getting a new coat stresses you out, try something small like accessories. A bright, fun hat can shake things up and there are so many options to choose from: knit hats embellished with jeweled studs… a felt hat with a brim… slouchy hats with a faux fur pom pom. Scarves are also a great way to add flavor. I’m a big fan of leopard print and bright, colorful paisley prints.

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