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Social Media Style: 3 Tips For Developing Your Online Presence

It’s time to get digital! You have the right clothes and the right look… but what does your online presence look like? Let’s talk about it!

I love fashion and style, but I’ve been in the digital world for a very long time. I’ve worked as a designer in the corporate world for a number of years, so I know a little something-something about presentation. I was building webpages back when HTML was a brand spanking new concept. I was using dial up to connect to AOL. My ICQ number was only 6 digits. Ok, maybe I took it way far back with that last one… but I’ve been out there. Back then, the internet/social media was a lawless land where one could be cloaked in anonymity. Today, social media is bridging gaps and has become a big way to communicate and get information. If you’ve only been considering it as a fun way to pass the time, it’s time adjust your thinking and really consider the message you’re sending on all of these networks.

I’m sure you’ve seen tons of programs and systems that promise to tell you how to “build an irresistible brand online”… ultimately those things are a waste of money if you skip the crucial step of being authentic. You need to work on your INSIDE. And by inside, I mean your personality, presence, and essence. Which brings me to this: you can’t create something that already exists! Plain and simple, you need to work to pull it out. It’s time to get real and ask yourself those tough questions about WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOUR LIFE LOOKS LIKE.

Check out my three tips that will help you put your best foot forward on social media, whether you’re just beginning or if you’re in need of a tune up.


Who Are You?

No, seriously… WHO ARE YOU? The first step to getting your web presence together is having a clear idea of who you are and what you’re about. Think about where you were born or where you were raised. Make a list of your hobbies and interests. Maybe you’re really into your work? All of these are great starting points to expressing who you are and all of this information makes for a great bio on your blog or social media networks.

Here’s an example of what I have for my Instagram bio:

nyc native • fashion entrepreneur: @WeAreGloriJoy • digital designer • wanderluster • foodie • free-spirited go-getter with an expensive incense habit

This lets my followers know what kind of content to expect when they follow or view my profile which is: photos of New York, fashion/style, things relating to my business, travel, and food. This information also helps me keep my authentic self in check, meaning that by only listing the things that I’m interested in and will post about, I will never veer off into territory that is not genuinely ME.

Pick Your Network

Every social network out there isn’t for you! Face it, if you try to join every single network that’s out there, you’re going to get burnt out. Most social networks operate very differently from each other and the key to confidence is choosing the network that allows you to communicate your message effectively.

Are you in a field that’s very visual? Try Instagram or Snapchat. If you want to share quick bursts of information, Twitter may be your best bet. Want to connect with your audience on a deeper level, being able to share bigger chunks of information? Facebook works well for that.

There are also smaller niche communities out there that you may want to look into if you’re in need of finding like-minded souls to collaborate with.

Remember: only join the platforms and groups that best serve you.

Find Your Way HOME

Whether your goal is to climb the corporate ladder or to own your own company, you need your very own space on the web. Now that we’ve accomplished the goal of finding your true self and figuring out which networks best suit you, the next question is… WHERE DO YOU LIVE, VIRTUALLY?

It’s always a great idea to purchase a domain name that is YOUR NAME. If that’s not available, try adding in your middle initial or something like, “style” or “designs” at the end, depending on your field.

Once your domain and hosting are purchased, you need to start building! Whether it’s a quick blurb of an informational page, or a big, sprawling blog you need to put something there.* I’ll be real with you… most people WILL Google you and it shows a certain level of professionalism if you have this sort of presence on the web.

Services like SquareSpace and offer you quick, easy templates that you can customize with very little coding knowledge. If you’re feeling daring, you may want to try a self-hosted WordPress site. This option offers much more freedom and customization.

* Tip: In addition to “putting something there,” the something that you put there needs to look presentable and clean. Remember, this is your virtual home! Most people are turned off by sites that look like they were built 10 years ago and haven’t been updated since. You can keep your site looking fresh by looking at what others in your chosen field are doing with their space on the web or seeing what kinds of themes are available on sites like Themeforest and Creative Market; the work in those two places are a great indicator of where design trends are moving. Don’t neglect your photos, images or logos. If you’re having an issue, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL. Services like 99designs and fiverr can put you on the right track without breaking the bank.


Need personalized help with getting your social media style together? Drop me a line!

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