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Self Care: Embracing Your Badassery & The Playlist Every Woman Needs

Sure, you may have a playlist to motivate you during workouts or to get you hyped up for a night out at the club… but do you have a playlist that jumps starts your own personal badassery?

Last month I took a road trip with a few other women to the North Fork of Long Island. Because every good road trip needs a playlist, it was while cruising down the highway that I discovered that the other women “feeling myself” playlists: playlists that were curated to hype them up personally, not in a vague, general way.

The best thing about this type of playlist is that it’s all YOURS. Whether you’re a “living your life like it’s golden” girl or you think you’re “the baddest” (which I lean more towards), there is no right or wrong answer. The only “rule” (and I use that term loosely) is that you have to connect to the sounds and lyrics on a soulful level. It makes you strut down the street like you own it. It makes you realize that you deserve everything… and that you can get it. You just connect with the song. You don’t just get the song… the song “gets” you.

Need some inspiration? Check out my playlist below:

Sidenote: A minor rule, for myself. I’ve curated my playlist so that it’s mostly female/female identified artists. I have the stray male artist in there… but my goal was to make sure that the feel good music I indulge in is a reflection of ME.

ETA: While looking for more videos to add to my playlist, I came across this one by Nadia Rose. Get your girl skwod together!

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