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Self Care: New Music, New Experiences & Looking Forward

One of the big keys to living my best life is to have things to look forward to. I think today’s world is built on so much spontaneity, which is not always a bad thing, because, LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST and you have to learn how to roll with the punches. However, too much spontaneity can be draining. Personally, I dislike “playing it by ear” and I get anxious on waiting for people and for opportunities to randomly pop up. There’s nothing like planning a trip and being excited to arrive at your destination… the thrill of meeting interesting new people. Discovering new activities in the area. New scenery. Or planning to meet up for brunch with a friend and then excitedly counting down the days. Putting effort and thought into what you plan on wearing that day. (Yes, I do get dressed up for my friends!) The anticipation of what the food will taste like. The overall dining experience; the ambiance. In a society where everything has become dominated by “go go go,” I think they savoring of experiences and embracing the thoughtfulness of a moment has become lost on most people.

I received an invite to attend Sampled at Spotify featuring Brasstracks. Sampled at Spotify is a series that brings in music artists to discuss their music, creative process, and backgrounds. I love discovering new music and I had never heard of Brasstracks, so I decided to give the event a try. I patiently waited for my invite to be confirmed (this is the “looking forward to things” part of life) and once it was, I was elated. At this point, I already had Brasstracks’s album, “Good Love” on repeat (specifically, “Lemme Put This Cup Down”), so I was excited to see them live. And let me tell you, they did not disappoint! I am officially a fan… oh, and the crowd was super cool.

I urge you to plan that trip, schedule time to see a friend and to go to that event that may not exactly be your scene. I recently read a blurb by a person saying that they chose to stick to what they know in life because that way they will never be disappointed. But, what if you stop doing that? Life may unfold in an interesting way for you.

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