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Winter Wanderland: City Scenes & Creative Dreams

Most people think of winter as a time where things are dormant. Quiet. Dead. But, for me, things are brewing. Winter has always been a time of creative bursts for me. Around this time, last year, I took my new camera* for a spin. I ended up in the DUMBO/Vinegar Hill area, around the Farragut Houses where my grandparents lived.

While I love looking at photographs, I also love the action of photography. It helps me see the world differently. Whether you have the most state-of-the-art camera, or you’re using your phone, photography is all about your EYE. It’s catching the right most interesting patterns, light and moments.

Sidenote: I took the photos below last year in Soho. I happen to work in Soho at the moment (funny how stuff works out/comes full circle!) and it happens to be one of my favorite places to people/fashion watch.

2014 got me in touch with my inner and outer fashionista. 2015/16 brought jewelry design. 2016/17 brought photography. 2018 is bringing… well, it’s a secret… but I will tell you that the jewelry is making a comeback. I’m also working on a lot of other things tied in with colorful • stylish • hungry, so stay tuned, or better yet, sign up for the email list (sign up box is located in the navigation bar on the right side) to be alerted when my new projects/goodies launch!

* All photos in this post (including featured images) were taken by yours truly!

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