About Me – Alissa Nichole

Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Alissa Nichole, but you can simply call me Alissa. I’m a 30-something native New Yorker, born, raised and currently residing in Brooklyn, New York.

I’m a graphic designer in the fashion/beauty industry by day and artist/adventurer/lover of a good time by night. You can usually catch me making jewelry, doing something involving macrame, taking care of my container garden, hiking/nature bathing, chilling at the beach, making candles or taking photographs — #TeamCanon! As I mentioned earlier: flights, food, and fashion are LIFE and I love anything that combines those three things.

However, colorful • stylish • hungry is more than a fashion/lifestyle/food/travel blog… it’s an experience! This site is a place to put all my stuff… to document my life and to (hopefully) inspire you, the reader, to dream big/ger about yours.

A little story time for you: 2015 was a difficult time for me. I had just come out of a toxic relationship, and shortly after that my grandmother passed away. Life was ROUGH. I kind of floated through the remainder of 2015. 2016 came and I mostly floated through that too with some hopping on planes to ease some of the pain. I started a business. I made friends. I un-made friends. I continued floating and then I got laid off from my job. I knew it was coming, and to some degree, it was a blessing… a chance for a fresh start… but that didn’t make me any less panicky. In 2017, something had to give and I wanted to stop floating.

2017 was when I created colorful • stylish • hungry. Admittedly, I didn’t do too much with this site, but it was the year that I had my best adventures. Being unemployed, I was on a tight budget, but I made sure to explore what New York had to offer. I went upstate, put my feet in a stream, tasted homemade fudge, went hiking, went apple picking, planned a camping trip, went whale watching, picked berries, went to more events, made more connections, put myself out there… essentially, I was living my best life. Later on in the year, I began working again, moving into the beauty industry, which I had been desperately trying to do for so long. This opportunity just literally popped up out of the blue; no effort on my part except for having a dope portfolio. I’m not stopping there, though. It’s a big world out there and there’s so much more I want to accomplish.

And here we are. That’s my story. I am about living a colorful LIFE. I am about straying from the path, walking through some bushes and hopping on another path. And honestly, I am making it all up as I go along because sometimes life doesn’t work out as planned.